Portland vs. Barcelona Cultural War! Rounds one and two.

Portland versus Barcelona, mano a mano.  Rules:  it has to be live, and you have to be my friends.

Fight #1 Who has the funkiest Marching Band in the World?

The studio versions of Smells Like Teenage Spirit and Anarchy in the UK by the Always Drinking Marching Band from Barcelona were my favorite songs on the planet for two months, the best cuban jazz street brass band versions of those songs ever. I played them every day. And they do fabulous street theater with music, as I saw them in Linz.  Let’s check out a street version of Teen Spirit.

But then there’s my beloved March Forth Marching Band, a much bigger show, funkier, and 25 great original songs and 5 years of full-time club touring ahead of Always Drinking. My only question: They always rock the house like nobody, but how often these days do they swing it like they do in these two songs:

Score: Portland 1, Barcelona 0

Round 2, The greatest female jazz vocal group: The Stolen Sweets versus El Trio Chickaboom. How do two times three woman on opposite sides of the planet both manage to sing 3 part jazz harmony with as much precision and innovation as the Boswell Sisters themselves? –who after all were actual sisters and child prodigies.

Let’s hit streets again so you can see the kind of vocal precision the Trio Chickaboom deliver right on the street. Make sure you stay until the scat arrangements in the middle.

I had recently the pleasure of touring two weeks in Brazil with Trio Chickiboom which was just miserable.

I got to see them at the famous MAM Jazz Jam session in front of 2000 in Salvador.

We touristed.

You don’t have to be a boyfriend of the Chickiboom to have a great time, (I don’t know how somebody reaches that exalted position) just tagging along with them is amazing, they get invited to everything that is cool and fun. One does have to follow marching orders occasionally, but well worth it.

The Chickiboom are essentially an accapella vocal group, but Portland’s Stolen Sweets are a joining of three (more) talented and beautiful woman with a Pete Krebs/David Langeness jazz trio. I’ve had the extreme honor of being backed by the The Stolen Sweets in Wanderlust Circus Shows. (http://www.wanderlustcircus.com/) including performing Leapin’ Louie to this classicsong:

I will next be performing with them at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland April 7, be there or be bored!  https://www.albertarosetheatre.com/calendar.html

Ayyy las chicas van a matarme, pero bueno- The Pete Krebs backing pushes the Stolen Sweets over the  top. Score Portland 2, Barcelona 0

Check this space soon for Round 3 Gadjo (Barcelona) versus Trash Can Joe and Three Leg Torso (Portlanders) Unfair! Two band against one!

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