Fairs and Festivals

Leapin’ Louie will fill the stands at your stage and make them burst with energy. Mix and match stage shows and strolling entertainment to fill your needs.

***Stage shows  High energy comedy, cowboy tricks, 6-foot unicycle, and audience participation that draws big multi-generational crowds and gets them cheering.  A hit in 31 countries around the world

.***and Interactive Strolling   A 9 foot tall cowboy putting a lasso around hundreds of people, attracting crowds with humor, feats of rope spinning, whip cracking, and magic, and then moving on to lasso more people. Plus other characters: strolling cowboy clown, a juggling stilt character, and more.

 25 years experience in 31 different countries. Dozens of fairs, many of them year after year.

Satisfied Fairs include:

  • Washington State Fair (5 times)
  • Clark County Fair,Washington (5 times)
  • San Diego County Fair (2 times)
  • Coconino County Fair (AZ 3 times)
  • Mohave County Fair (AZ, 2 times)
  • Yuma County Fair (AZ, 3 times)
  • Pacific National Exhibit, Vancouver, Canada
  • Fremont , Teton, and Sweetwater County Fairs, Wyoming
  • Northwest Montana and Eastern Montana Fairs
  • Ozark Empire Fair, (Missouri) (3 full runs)
  • Jackson County Fair (OR, 4 full runs)
  • Clallum (WA) County Fair (3 times)
  •  Iowa State Fair
  • Mid-South Fair
  • Oregon State Fair (3 times)
  • Alaska State Fair
  • Tanana Valley Fair (AK)
  • Arizona State Fair
  • Lane County (OR) Fair
  • Coos County (OR) Fair (3 times)
  • Many other county fairs
  • Plus a nationwide 30 city tour with the Brooks And Dunn Neon Circus

“As a roving entertainer, I watched you draw record crowds, again, and again. We received many positive comments about your shows, during, and long after the fair.  Your ability to be flexible in scheduling, to fill in whenever needed, is a big plus, and greatly appreciated by us all.”Catherine Mordente, San Diego County Fair

You can work a crowd as well as, if not better than, any performer I have seen.” _ –James Aday, Director, Vancouver International Children’s Festival

“I enjoyed his shows so much that I watched every one and laughed just as hard the last time I saw it as I did the first. Throughout the fair, David was an absolute pleasure to work with. I could rely on him to bring in a very large crowd, even at odd hours when the Kidz Zone was empty. By the end of every show, I was guaranteed to have a tent full of people. In fact, by the second day of the fair, I had to add more seating because his shows were in such high demand. At times, even that wasn’t enough.

More than anything, I was impressed by David’s display of continuous energy. Whenever he wasn’t performing on stage, he was entertaining thousands of people on the streets throughout the Fairgrounds”  –Jackie D. Kirk, Kids Zone Manager, Ozark Empire Fairgrounds, Missouri